Biostar T-series TP35D3-A7 Deluxe – The Ultimate Performance Platform -Enjoy Enhanced Digital Entertainment!


BIOSTAR Microtech Int'l Corp. one of the biggest professional manufacturer of motherboards releases TP35D3-A7 Deluxe – the top of the line solution for LGA 775 socket. PCs based on the combination of the Intel® Core™2 processor family and Biostar T-series TP35D3-A7 Deluxe. This model delivers advanced features that bring higher grades of audio, content protection, and system performance for a more exciting experience. This platform delivers Intel’s multi-core technology, theatre-quality sound, robust content protection, and quicker system responsiveness to power your digital home.

With support of full 1333 MHz FSB, the mainboard enables your PC to run the most data-intensive applications without hesitation. Biostar T-series TP35D3-A7 Deluxe provides additional tuning capabilities to get the most performance out of your configuration.

The TP35D3-A7 Deluxe is based on a special 8 phase voltage regulator power design then can significantly lower the operation temperatures while reducing input ripple current and output ripple voltage. Besides, the board features 100% solid capacitors on board which provide extreme durability and secure performance of your system. Color coded DIMM slots designate paired dual channel memory. Plenty of Solid capacitors around the high frequency DDR3 DIMMs ensure sufficient and stable power supply even at full loading. Last but not least, there is a SPACE–Pipe onboard, a new silent north bridge cooling device. It uses a heat-pipe to conduct heat from the chipset heatsink to a PWM fin-heatsink collection module. Airflow from the CPU fan then removes the heat collected from the CPU, the chipset, and PWM fin-heatsink, effectively cooling your system with no additional noise. And all of this is based on advanced materials used in the space industry.

TP35D3-A7 Deluxe has also included 2 x E-SATA and 6 x USB 2.0 ports to support more devices of user. There are 3 more USB 2.0 headers to support 6 USB 2.0 ports for front panel. The powerful expansion slots have been created for users who need to use many devices simultaneously in one PC.


TP35D3-A7 Deluxe

CPU Support

Support Intel® Core™ 2 Quad/ Core™ 2 Duo/Celeron® 400 Series Processors

FSB Support

FSB 1333MHz


Intel® P35 + ICH9R


Support Dual DDR3 1066/800MHz
Max. Support up to 8GB

Expansion Slots

1 x PCI-E x16
3 x PCI-E x1
2 x PCI


6 x SATA2 3Gb/s


2 x E-SATA2 3Gb/s


Dual GbE

USB 2.0

Support 12 x USB 2.0


8+2 Channel Audio


Space Pipe



Solid Capacitor



Since its establishment in 1986, the BIOSTAR GROUP has become a major motherboard supplier to the PC industry in Taiwan. In order to pursue continuous growth, BIOSTAR has invested heavily in acquiring the physical and human resources to excel research and development. In every endeavor, BIOSTAR has sought to enhance product quality and expand its range of available products.
In addition to producing quality motherboards, BIOSTAR also carries out mini PC system - iDEQ series - the intelligent Desktop trends for the near future and IA product. A wider product range provides buyers with choices they want and need. With a constant emphasis on quality, BIOSTAR seeks to offer products with the highest price-performance ratio in the industry